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Day Rider information

  • Cost: $20 per horse or rider whichever is greater.

  • One release form per year, per individual must be filled out legibly and signed.​

  • We accept payment by cash, check, PayPal or Venmo.

  • Arena Rules: 

  1. No Dogs

  2. No Smoking

  3. No Turn Outs

  4. No Stallions

  5. No cleaning out horse trailers in parking lot "if your horse does the poop, you do the scoop"

  6. Do Not tie horses to arena panels

  7. Children 10 & under must wear helmets when riding

  8. Do not leave children unattended

  9. Release forms must be signed before riding

  10. Lessons are not permitted, arrangements must be made in advanced.  

Time Slot


  • What is a time slot reservation? This gives you the ability to have our main covered roping arena to yourself! 

  • Cost: $100.00 per hour for up to 3 riders. 

  • Each additional rider is $20. * You may not swap one of the 3 riders for $85 * Any additional person after the initial 3 is a flat $20.

  • With your time slot you may use lights, team roping boxes, barrels, and poles.

  • Cowtrac: $50

  • Live Cattle: $55

  • After 5pm cost: $120 per hour

  • We accept payment by cash, check or PayPal

  • Lessons are not permitted, arrangements must be in advanced.  

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